How To Close CryptoDevil Screenlocker

CryptoDevil is a simple screenlocker which enters your system and starts displaying a red full-screen warning that “Your Computer Has Been Locked“. This Trojan instructs you to contact and demands to pay $20 in BitCoins.

Update: if you have been hit by a CryptoDevil ransomware instead of just simple screenlocker, click here for removal instructions.

There are many types of such screenlockers. Most of them ask you to call the scammers via “support” line and pretend to be official Windows system warnings. However, this one is made very offhandedly and can be removed easily even by an inexperienced user.

While having a virus on your computer might seem scary at first, there is no evidence that CryptoDevil harms your computer in any other way than locking you out from using it. The Trojan does not delete or encrypt files and virus researchers have already found a key that restores the access to your system.

We recommend using the unlock key you can find in the manual removal guide below to close the locker and then installing automatic removal and protection tool in order to avoid such problems in the future.

Recommended Method: Download CryptoDevil Virus Removal Tool

Version:   All Updated:   2 days ago Compatible OS:   All
This is the most suitable program for automatically removing the threat and repairing your PC.
Works with: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Read instructions here
File name Size
mb3-setup.exe 56.5 MB

Click here to download alternative tool

What is CryptoDevil virus?

This screenlocker is designed to lock the victims out of their computers and make them pay a ransom. It threatens to delete your files after 70 hours if no payment is received. However, this threat is only included to scare you as the Trojan does not actually encrypt or remove any data.

In fact, this malware is really poorly coded and unlock key has already been found since it is encoded in the executable file. Therefore, you can remove the lock screen easily.

Here is the text displayed on a red background by CryptoDevil:

Your Computer Has Been Locked

Your computer have been successfully locked you have up to 70 hours
to buy a key to unlock your contract ncase files will be deleted.
Payment: Bitcoin 20$

Here is the text displayed after you enter the unlock key:

How To Remove my virus
1. Open Start Menu
2. Go to Startup
3. Delete CryptoDevil.exe
End! Thanks for colaboration

Currently there is no information on how this virus is distributed. However, it most likely targets unsuspecting victims by being bundled with another software as well as illegal downloads and cracks from torrent and other P2P sites. The program places itself in the startup config and launches as soon as your computer has booted.

Proper antivirus software usually blocks such attempts to infiltrate your system, therefore having this screenlocker on your PC might mean that you need to secure it as soon as possible. Follow the removal instructions below in order to close this warning and eliminate the virus completely.

Here are some screenshots of CryptoDevil:


 Manual Removal Instructions:

Step 1:

Start by pressing ALT + F4 keys in order to close the lock screen.

If this does not help you can input the following code that is set by the virus creator:


After this you should simply use the automatic tool provided above and scan the system to remove the remaining vulnerabilities.

Otherwise you can continue following the manual guide as you will still have to remove the Trojan files in order to completely terminate the virus.

Step 2:

Clean up Windows temporary files.

Removing all temporary files is completely safe for your computer.

Hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.

Simply select all files and folders displayed in the temporary files directory and delete them permanently by simultaneously pressing CTRL + A and then SHIFT + DELETE.

Step 3:

Use Windows search by clicking the start () and entering the following file name in the search field:


Delete this file permanently by pressing SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously.

Repeat the search to make sure there are no more instances of this file left.

Step 4:

Remove suspicious programs from your startup config so they would not launch as soon as you boot your computer.

Hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.

Go to the Startup tab and uncheck all suspicious entries. Look specifically for “CryptoDevil.exe” as well as other similar files.

You will see locations of the files in “Command” column. Navigate to the location and scan the file using if it looks suspicious. Delete it if a threat is found.

Click OK when you are finished unselecting all potentially dangerous processes.

Step 5:

Delete registry values created by this adware.

Press and hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.


Search for virus entries by pressing keyboard buttons CTRL + F and entering the following:


Click Find Next.

Delete any registry entries associated with the virus.

Repeat the search until all entries are cleaned.

Step 6:

Restore the old system settings using System Restore.

Press and hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.

Click Next.

Check Show more restore points.

If you see any restore points, restore the system. Make sure you select a point that has been created before the infection happened but is not too old.

It will restore your system settings only and will not affect your files.

If you do not see any restore points the virus might have removed it or they might have never been created.

After removing the virus

When you have finished removing the CryptoDevil virus and reverting your browser settings make sure to protect your computer by installing a good antivirus suite that would identify the threats online and in programs you have downloaded. Also avoid downloading unofficial torrents, illegal cracks or other files from P2P networks.

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