How To Remove “Event Monitor By Super Tuneup” Support Scam

Event Monitor is developed by Super Tuneup Technologies LLP and is actually a Tech Support scam. It monitors for program crashes and immediately suggests to call a support line and get “premium support”.

Unlike many other tech support scams this one is quite convincing since it shows a popup window only after a program crashes on your system. Due to this reason some users might think that Event Monitor is a legitimate component of the system and call the provided phone number. In such case the scammers will try to sell unnecessary services and extort money.

In reality Windows program crashes do not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your computer and you should not trust such alerts. They are only designed to scare users and earn money from selling software rather than helping.

You should remove this malware to stop the annoying popups as well as to increase the speed of your system. Use our automatic removal and protection tool to not only eliminate the threat but also protect your computer in the future. We have also prepared a manual guide but you are still strongly recommended to secure your PC afterwards if you choose this option.

Recommended Method: Download “Event Monitor” Virus Removal Tool

Version:   All Updated:   2 days ago Compatible OS:   All
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mb3-setup.exe 56.5 MB

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What is Event Monitor virus?

This virus is designed to activate only on a program crash. As soon as any software on your computer stops working it displays a popup message telling to contact a support technician. When you call the provided number the scammers will try to sell unnecessary services and software. The phone line might also have increased calling rates so you should never trust such alerts and simply ignore the instructions.

Currently the virus displays the following message:

CALL: (844) 763-5838
For Emergency Tech Support call immediately
just crashed on your system.
Call us now for instant premium support

It also has several phone numbers dedicated for different countries. Some of the numbers found in the Event Monitor file are the following:

(844) 763-5838 (United States) (France)
(800) 180-6512 (Germany)
03-5050-1410 (Japan)
1800 154 231 (Australia)
0800 031 4657 (United Kingdom)

Event Monitor often comes bundled with freeware downloaded from the internet. It is embedded in the setup files as additional software and is often installed without the user knowledge. If you quickly skip through installation steps and click “Accept” on additional offers you might end up unknowingly installing Event Monitor as well as other adware and malware since most setup files come with several additional offers bundled together.

Less experienced users might be convinced to call the provided phone support line as this scam only activates if a real problem occurs on your system. However, you should never give in to such scare tactics. The scammers might not only ask for a payment but also for a remote control of your system or suggest installing suspicious software. This might result in a much bigger damage and loss of data and money.

Luckily, this malware can be removed quite easily. We have a manual removal guide which has instructions on how to eliminate all Event Monitor files. However, we recommend using the automatic removal and protection tool listed at the beginning of this page instead. It will also detect any additional threats you might have on the system and protect your computer in the future from similar problems.

Here are some screenshots of the virus:


 Manual Removal Instructions:

Step 1:

Clean up Windows temporary files as the locker might operate from this folder.

Removing all temporary files is completely safe for your computer.

Hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.

Simply select all files and folders displayed in the temporary files directory and delete them permanently by simultaneously pressing CTRL + A and then SHIFT + DELETE.

Step 2:

Hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.


From the opened directory navigate to the following:


Find and delete the following directory with all its contents:

Event Monitor

Step 3:

Navigate to the following directory and delete Event Monitor contents if found:


Step 4:

Delete registry values created by this malware.

Press and hold Windows () key and click R key.

Enter the following in the field:


Click OK.

Using the directory tree on the left navigate to the following path and delete Event Monitor entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\RunAtStartup


Then repeat it with the following directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tasks\{51740577-F69A-46ED-A677-2D8DE276C921}

Then delete “Event Monitor” directories from the following two locations:


After removing the virus

When you have finished removing the Event Monitor malware you should protect your computer by installing a good antivirus suite. This will prevent any further infections and fix the current vulnerabilities that have been used by the malware to infiltrate your system.

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