How To Stop Unwanted Spam Posts On Your Facebook Wall?

Many users on Facebook suffer from random unwanted spam posts on their walls. These posts include a picture, link, a video or anything else that is designed to attract visitors’ attention and get more clicks on the virus link.

Users delete these posts and think that the problem is solved but in most cases it appears again after some time. This is why we have prepared instructions how to remove the virus completely and stop the annoying posts forever.

Most often people get this virus while browsing, when they authorize a malicious Facebook app which pretends to be something else. Sometimes they also become victims of clickjacking sites which steal your clicks and authorize such apps automatically in the background. There are also cases when the source of the threat is not a malicious website but a virus on your computer. In such instances removing the unwanted app from your Facebook might not be enough and you will have to additionally scan your computer with a proper software. We have such tool available below. It will scan for any threats currently residing on your PC and will make sure that you do not get infected again in the future.

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How do Facebook unwanted posts appear on my account?

The posts are most likely generated by a parasite app that you have accidentally authorized to do so. This means that your Facebook account credentials (password and email) should be safe and nobody has an access to your profile. However, they can use the app to make posts and do other actions like tagging your friends on behalf of you until you remove the app completely.

Sometimes these apps hide behind trusted names like “Microsoft” or “Mobile” so you will think it was posted through a legit source. Such names are designed to make users have doubts before removing the apps from their accounts.

The unwanted posts can vary from quite harmless ones targeted only to getting more traffic (“check out your photo/wallapper of the day”) to very agressive (“check out this private xxx video of your friend”).

Never click on such suspicious links because you can get infected easily. Getting the app installed after clicking the link is not the worst case. Usually such sites are full of various viruses threatening your PC and trying to sniff out as many valuable data as possible.

 Permanent Removal Instructions:

NB: Removing the app does not guarantee that the problem is solved permanently! Make sure you do not have a virus on your computer that is installing such apps without your knowledge! If you do not know how the app appeared on your account then there is a chance that you have a virus on your computer. Use the recommended software above in order to remove the threat completely and secure your computer in the future!

There are 3 steps in total:

Step 1:

Find out what app is posting the unwanted content. Usually you see the app’s name near the post. Usually such apps pretend to be something credible therefore sometimes you might see names like “Microsoft” or a name that imitates a legit app like “8 Ball Pool”. In other cases the apps might use symbols like “•” in order to stay unnoticed. Here is one example:

And here is another:

If you can’t find any sign that the spam post was posted by an app and you have followed the instructions above it means that your account has been compromised and you should change your Facebook and email passwords immediately. In such case removing an app will not help. Instead, download our removal tool in order to secure your computer and your account!

Step 2:

Go to the Facebook apps settings by clicking this link or doing as shown in the image:

Click “Show All” in order to view all hidden apps.

If you are on a mobile device and you have Facebook app:

  • Go to “More” (bottom right corner)
  • Scroll down until you find “Settings”
  • Click it, then select “Account Settings”
  • Go to “Apps”
  • Click “Logged in With Facebook”

Step 3:

Remove the unwanted app by clicking the “X” button next to the app. From now on the posting will stop. We recommend scrolling through the app list and removing all other suspicious apps as well.

When prompted, check the option “Delete all your APPNAME activities including posts, photos and videos on Facebook. This may take a few minutes.” to make sure all spam posts are gone from your wall.

If you are on a mobile device you will have to click on each app individually and click “Remve App” button at the bottom.

Step 4:

Secure your PC so you would not get infected again. Read what are the best programs to secure your computer from threats here.


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