AVG Internet Security – Unlimited: Clean Looks, Rich in Features

AVG Internet security is perfect for those who want complete security in all aspects. It is a traditional antivirus but not as intrusive as its competitors. Meanwhile, it is packed with many additional features that you might find useful.

Brief Overview

The company was founded back in 1992 and is evry experienced in security field. It gained attention through its free antivirus solution AVG AntiVirus FREE. Some of its components were included directly into Windows operating system as default security solutions.

The company states to have more than 200 million active users worldwide.

Competitive Edge

AVG Internet Security – Unlimited perfectly combines a set-and-forget experience with additional features in case you need them. You can simply install the suite and it will update and protect you automatically. It is configured well and works perfectly out-of-the-box. However, in case you are an experienced user and need more features they will always be at hand in advanced settings.

This suite is not as intrusive as many other antiviruses and you might even forget that you have it at all. We like this clean approach: all antiviruses should not interfere with user experience and simply do the job in the background when it is possible.

This respectable suite is great value if you need to protect lots of devices.

Darien Graham-Smith, Expert Reviews

Free and Paid versions

AVG is one of the leaders in free antivirus solutions. AVG AntiVirus FREE has more features than many other free antiviruses can offer. Other softwares’ free versions are usually significantly stripped-down premium versions while AVG AntiVirus FREE offers much more including a real-time protection. This is why it has won many awards and is often referred as one of the best free antiviruses of all time.

The paid version has enhanced firewall, additional protection for shopping and banking online, email and browsing. It also has a 24/7 support that will help you fix the problems if you run into any. Finally, it can be installed on unlimited number of computers and Android devices.

The free version is enough if you are an occasional internet user. However, the paid version should be installed if you use the computer heavily for shopping and banking online, surfing the internet and downloading files a lot or have important files stored on your hard drive.

Main Features

AVG Internet Security protects your computer in real-time. As you would expect, it curbs rootkits, trojans, spyware, adware, ransomware and other malware. Even the newest threats can be detected as AVG monitors the newest outbreaks in real-time and stops them as soon as possible.

Your web browsing and email sending is protected by online and email shields. AVG also scans links for potential risks and protects you from connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks.

The three shields work well together, and when combined offer very good protection for your machine.

Stephen Qualtrough, Compared and Reviewed

Your private passwords, files and online payments are secured by a file encryptor, enhanced firewall, secure DNS and many other features combined together. You can even shred your files so they would not be recovered in the future.

AVG tries to conserve your resources by postponing scans and updates and not interrupting if you are working, watching videos or playing games. It also has a Turbo Scan feature which intelligently skips files which are already known to be safe.

All functions are controlled from one very easy to use dashboard.


As with most suites, having many features available comes at a price. The software will require slightly more computer resources than nimble solutions from Malwarebytes or Plumbytes.

Many users find it quite annoying that AVG installs their toolbars and extensions for your browsers. Many users consider these toolbars as potentially unwanted programs so we recommend simply disabling these in advance and you should be good.

Our Experience

We think that AVG Internet Security stands out due to its ability to work in the background. It does not interfere with the user experience as much as other antivirus suites do. At the same time it still does the job.

We have AVG Internet Security installed on a heavily used computer for more than 5 years now and only one freshly appeared ransomware managed to overcome it while numerous other threats have been blocked successfully.

AVG AntiVirus FREE is also our default suggestion for those who want a basic protection, usually for users who do not need a complete suite because they do not use the internet often or want to protect their secondary computers.

AVG Internet Security – Unlimited is a great all-in-one solution. Installing it will completely protect your computer and you will be able to work without interruption and constant unnecessary warnings.

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