Malwarebytes Premium: The Original Malware Fighter

Malwarebytes has always been the go-to product when it comes to removing dangerous threats. When other antivirus products do not work everybody resorts to Malwarebytes. It can revive your PC in the most hopeless situations and remove the ugliest infections even if it seems that your computer is locked forever.

Brief History

The first version of this program was written back in 2004 but the company was founded in 2008. At that time the founder Marcin Kleczynski had already earned various awards for his cyber security solutions. The company primarily focused on a tool that was designed to make any computer malware-free. Now the company focuses on prevention and offers users a perfect tool that not only detects the threats and removes them but does not allow you to get infected in the first place.

Competitive Edge

The success of Malwarebytes lies in their approach to the problem. The top antiviruses mainly focus on winning antivirus tests so they could be endorsed by various magazines and labs. This brings them more paying customers and profits but often results in resource-eating programs with huge databases and long update times.

Malwarebytes does not care about passing the tests. They actually remove samples with zero recent sightings to keep the program nimble. While the lab tests might favor other antiviruses, Malwarebytes is actually the one which cares about the users and not about the results on paper.

It has rescued machines in this reviewer’s care on more than one occasion, detecting and removing threats either not flagged up by conventional AV software, or cleaning out those ‘hard to shift’ attacks.

Simon Williams, PC Advisor

Free and Premium Versions

The free version only cleans up threats after an attack has happened with no real-time protection.The protection and all other features are available in the premium version. It does a perfect job securing your PC from any potential threats. In our opinion it works much better than many traditional antiviruses which sometimes fail to detect newly appeared malware or take too long to scan the files.

Main Features

The premium version protects your computer in real-time. It detects and stops any attempts to install and launch malware and spyware. It also protects you from rootkits that hide deep in Windows software and launch upon startup. Malwarebytes also uses four layers of defense in case the programs or the browser installed on your computer have vulnerabilities. This does not allow the attackers to reach the security drawbacks in your software and exploit them.

Your browsing is also secured by detecting malicious websites in advance and blocking the resources that might be infected. Malicious links, advertisements and other hacking attempts are stopped by the program so you can feel safe when visiting unknown websites.

The program also has a very sophisticated way to save you from ransomware attacks. Nowadays it is probably the most common and dangerous ways to infect users’ PCs, encrypt their files and extort money in exchange for a decryption key. Malwarebytes blocks ransomware proactively and protects your files from encryption so you can be relatively safe that a recently appeared ransomware will not pass through.

Finally, due to its different approach in maintaining the threat database Malwarebytes is very fast in scanning and analyzing your files.

As an anti-malware tool, Malwarebytes continues to offer superlative protection.

Sudip Majhi, The Windows Club

Our Experience

From our personal point of view, Malwarebytes is a perfect program to secure your computer. It has already proven itself in the field hundreds of times and in many cases it fixed what other programs could not fix. Of course, during the long time of using it we have had rare instances when it did not work as expected. However, when compared to the competitors, currently Malwarebytes is our go-to solution when it comes to cleaning up and protecting computers.

Finally, if you still feel like you need an additional layer of protection you can always combine it with another antivirus software. They will work together perfectly without any conflicts that would arise if you used two traditional antivirus programs.

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